About us

Value your time! and Help People! On these two premises we focus all our work, we specialize in providing support and assistance to all kinds of commercial, administrative and marketing tasks, so that our clients can focus their energy and time on other responsibilities. Our intention is to offer a decentralized service center, with the maximum variety of to do it tasks, which we are continually incorporating new options, step by step.We develop the work with care, responsibility, seriousness and above all sincerity. If there is any doubt or ignorance on our part, we speak it without any problem. We believe and want that our work is based on trust and direct treatment. The main face of our services, CVF Service Center is myself, my name is Cecilia, I have more than 20 years of work experience in such sectors as  consumer, retail, banking and fashion. I´m used to being in front of clients, suppliers and general public. Graduated in ADES, and several languages ​​in tow, some incorporated naturally by family others by experiences. We sincerely hope to help you !!!.